Whatley Longhorns

Redrock, NM

Welcome to Whatley Longhorns. We are Lynn and Sharon Whatley from Redrock, NM, located in the southwestern part of the state along the Gila River. We both have a background of farming and ranching in both New Mexico and Texas.

Our Texas Longhorn adventure began with a commercial beef dogie calf we bottle raised named Buttin. Now Buttin was raised in the front yard, ate oatmeal cookies, was halter broke and went with us on walks over the hills and thru the river bottom. Eventually she didn’t even need a halter; she would just follow us along with the dogs. As she got older we decided that she needed some company.

Texas Longhorns always fascinated us due to their beauty, intelligence, and great disposition, so we thought let’s get a couple to keep her company. In 2018 we made a trip to Anthony, NM to look at some Texas Longhorn show cattle that were for sale. Instead of bringing a couple back, we brought back two bred heifers and two yearling heifers and that was the start of our herd. We have since purchased a show bull along with several cows and heifers and have grown our herd into something we are proud of.

We have started an AI program featuring old school and modern genetics to diversify our herd and provide a greater range of cattle for our customers.

We are very hands on with our cattle, starting them at an early age, and raise our cattle to be gentle, and easy to handle, halter breaking all our calves. We train our cattle to work easily in the pen or in the pasture, either afoot, on an ATV, or on a horse.

If you are looking for a show animal, pasture art, companion animal or breeding stock, please take a look at our sale pen. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will be glad to help you find the perfect animal for your needs. Thank you for stopping by!!